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Archive for July, 2013

Pervious Concrete Pavement – An Overview

Pervious Concrete Pavement An Overview Pervious concrete pavement is a unique and effective means to address important environmental issues and support green, sustainable growth. By capturing stormwater and allowing it to seep into the ground, porous concrete is instrumental in recharging groundwater, reducing stormwater runoff, and meeting U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stormwater regulations. In

261 mpg

261 Miles-Per-Gallon? Seriously? Ever seen “a 1-liter car”? Probably not, because until now they haven’t existed. Introducing the Volkswagen XL1, which just made its long-awaited debut — as a production car — at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. Volkswagen is touting the XL1 as “the most fuel-efficient production car in the world” — given that

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